Having organised the production launch of the movie “Nightingale” (a.k.a. Wonder Woman), Inproductions was delighted to have their services retained once more for the UK wrap party.

The film is the story of Wonder Woman’s origins not only as a Warrior Princess, but also as the immortal demigoddess daughter of the Greek God Zeus. The event needed to reflect this in all areas, a task that Inproductions took on with fervour.

A split level City venue was chosen and close attention was paid to Greek influences in the food design, while D.C. Comics provided the themes for the three bespoke cocktails. Inproductions's entertainment background and expertise truly came into the fore for the remaining elements. Guests were met by historically dressed Toga girls and ushered into a branded area for photo opportunities with two Amazon Warrior Princesses replete with spears and shields.

Living Statues on podiums in the form of the Greek Gods: Ares, Aphrodite and Zeus welcomed guests in the reception area, while cinematic treats awaited downstairs.

A unique and exciting dance performance was created to entertain guests and encourage them to the club after food service. The Inproductions choreographer devised an original dance piece to traditional Greek music, while the costume designer resourced resplendent gold bikinis and head dresses.

As the lights dimmed, the champagne sparklers ignited and so did the guests! The fantastic performance got everyone up and dancing. Soon it was time for the four girls to lead guests downstairs to feast on the Ferrero Rocher Mountain, have fun in the photobooth with the superhero props and party the night away. The Greek Gods would have been proud.

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